About Us

Starting Point Recovery is dedicated to getting people the treatment they deserve for drug and alcohol addiction. Read on to learn more about how we can help.

Recovery is a Journey. Take the First Step.


Our purpose at Starting Point Recovery is to assist those that want treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in getting the care they deserve. What sets us apart from other companies that do what we do? The answer is simple. Our network of drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities helps people nationwide bypass the wait for open beds in detox and rehab centers. Starting Point makes it easy to get in to a treatment program by offering diverse programs across the country. We take care of the insurance headaches for you. We will even make travel arrangements to treatment. This allows you to concentrate on the most important thing: your recovery.

Our Vision

We believe it is possible to provide those seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction high-quality care no matter what their background may be. Modern communication, outreach methods and the evolving nature of the Internet have made the vision possible, but yet to be achieved.

Making the Vision Come to Life

Through our websites, social media platforms, forums and direct outreach projects, Starting Point Recovery will be recognized as a company that cares more for the health and well-being of others than any other brand in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation space.

Our Commitment

In our efforts to give people the critical information they need to make treatment decisions for themselves, we recognize the need for constant improvement internally, the need to stay abreast of changes in the quality of care available and the changing landscape of the financial aspects of treatment.

Our Mission is Bold

Our Mission is to help those who sincerely want to recover from drug and alcohol addiction to get the highest level of care possible.

You may have seen our logo. The tagline reads “If You Have the Will, We Will Find a Way.” We consider this a condensed version of our Corporate Mission. Achieving this goal is no simple task. It takes a coordinated effort between those that understand recovery from clinical, spiritual, economic, logistic and social perspectives combined. Putting this Mission in to day-to-day practice means keeping abreast of changes in treatment philosophy, insurance, and outreach. Here’s how Starting Point Recovery fulfills it’s Mission daily.

Responding to the Needs of Those Who Suffer from Addiction

People seek out help in a multitude of ways. Sometimes they seek help through family and friends. They’ll seek help online in social media or through search engines to locate high-quality treatment providers. What’s most important to us is the initial contact we have with someone that is seeking out help for drug and alcohol addiction. Our goal is to listen 90% of the time and give options for care that meet the person seeking treatment the other 10% of the time. Only after we understand the total needs of the client can we advise a course of treatment at a facility that meets their needs clinically, socially, logistically and economically.

Forging Relationships with Reliable Providers of Care

To meet the needs of those nationwide that seek admission to treatment immediately, we must expand and maintain relationships with providers of care that meet the wide variety of needs of our clientele. It’s a fact of modern life that finding available spots in detox centers and long-term care centers is not easy. By expanding our relationships with other care providers, we can help those that need treatment immediately get admitted to care right away.

Maintain a Corporate Culture that Embraces Cooperation and Compassion

A criterion of judgment taken more seriously than any other when making hiring decisions at Starting Point Recovery is whether or not a prospective employee embraces our values of cooperation and compassion. People at Starting Point Recovery do not “work.” We serve those that reach out to us with physical, spiritual and emotional crises on their hands. Helping someone get in to treatment takes a concerted effort, understanding and care. We rely on our employees and our values to fulfill our Mission.

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