Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcoholism affects millions of Americans regardless of color, income or class. Read on to learn how alcoholism can affect you and your loved ones and how to overcome it.

Recovery is a Journey. Take the First Step.

Most treatment centers approach alcohol dependency in a health centered and holistic way, meaning, they are not judgmental of the person but instead are concerned with what life events have lead someone to drink alcohol excessively, to determine the immediate physical and psychological harm to the patient and to help the individual learn to live a life free of alcohol dependency.

Treatment programs accomplish these through proper assessment, treatment models that address the total needs of the patient and aftercare planning to insure long-term success.


of Americans have had an alcohol-use disorder.


of children live in a home with alcohol problems.


people die every year as a result of alcoholism.


adults receive treatment for alcoholism each year.

Signs You May Need Help

If you’re missing work, school or other regularly planned functions due to alcohol consumption you may need help. When your alcohol use is harming your relationships with friends, family and your significant other you may need help. If you feel withdrawals, severe depression or if you’ve experienced blackouts or hurt yourself due to drinking you should seek alcohol rehab today.

Detox and Alcohol Dependency

When people think about dangerous substances that can cause severe withdrawals or death many people think of heroin or other opiates. The truth is, alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to quit cold-turkey if you are physically addicted to the substance. If you feel the need to drink in order to feel “ok” in the morning, you’ll most likely need medically supervised detox and all of our treatment facilities are staffed to handle detox from alcohol.

Of the 15.1 million U.S. adults who needed alcohol use disorder treatment in 2015, only 8.3% actually received it.


What will Treatment be Like?

Many people who have never been to alcohol rehab are naturally concerned about what treatment is like. What we feel explains treatment best is that you’ll be part of a caring community where your recovery is the central focus. You’ll be in some group meetings, you’ll meet with individual therapists and you’ll also have the opportunity to meet with physicians and nurses. You’ll most likely go through a brief detox period, a phase where you understand your addiction and what triggers your drinking and then, the final phase, aftercare planning where you’ll make decisions on how to live your life without dependence on alcohol. Throughout your stay, you’ll have the opportunity to exercise, go on group outings and excursions and meet people you may stay in contact with for the rest of your life.

Get Help Now

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