Cocaine Rehab Programs

Cocaine is a dangerous stimulant that can have major effects on the body. Learn how cocaine abuse can affect you and what you can do to recover.

Recovery is a Journey. Take the First Step.

Cocaine rehab is often approached through a medical/psycho/social model, meaning, treatment is approached from a purely physiological standpoint, from a psychological standpoint and from a social standpoint. The goal is to assess your needs and your triggers to use from all of these points of assessment in order to help you recover from their dependence on cocaine.

Many people may use cocaine and other substances such as alcohol in combination and your individual treatment plan will take other substances in to account as well.


of Americans have used cocaine in the past month.


of adults aged 18-25 used cocaine in the past month.


Americans meet DSM-5 criteria for cocaine dependence.

1 in 3

drug-related emergency room visits involve cocaine use.

Signs You May Need Help

Warning signs of cocaine abuse include missing work, school or other planned events, distancing yourself from friends or family or getting in to trouble with the law. If you have any of these symptoms, you should seek assistance. If, on the other hand, you are experiencing severe withdrawal, heavy mood swings including depression, if you use cocaine and other substances in combination to achieve a greater “high” or if you’ve been admitted to a hospital you should seek long-term cocaine rehab immediately.

Detox and Cocaine Dependency

There are medically supervised detox programs that help people successfully get over the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine use. In many cases, people that need medically supervised detox for cocaine use other substances such as alcohol as well. If you are experiencing withdrawal from cocaine or a combination of substances, please let your treatment facility know when you call.

Cocaine is the second-most popular illegal recreational drug in America, trailing only marijuana.


What will Treatment be Like?

If you’ve never been to cocaine rehab before it’s very understandable that you’ll be concerned about what treatment is like. In reality, treatment is a nurturing environment where many people are focused on your recovery. You’ll learn to understand what makes you use your substance of choice from a physiological and from a psychological and a social perspective. You’ll learn coping skills and mechanisms to deal with your urges to use and before you complete treatment you’ll be primarily concerned with aftercare planning: what your goals and lifestyle will be like after you leave. It may be surprising, but you will find that you may keep in contact with some of the people you meet for life.

Get Help Now

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