Designer Drug Rehab Programs

Designer drugs are dangerous due to their complexity and lack of transparency - learn what they can do and how you can stop using.

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Designer drug dependency and abuse is increasing both in prevalence and complexity. Each year, new drugs are synthesized that mirror the effects of other drugs. One such drug, K2 or Spice, mirrors the effects of marijuana but the harm done to the body and mind can be much greater. Other drugs such as bath salts may mirror the effects of cocaine or methamphetamine with far worse effects. When treating dependence for designer drugs it is commonplace to treat for the use of the counterpart drug as well, e.g. bath salts and cocaine and/or methamphetamine abuse simultaneously.
The approach to designer drug rehab in general is to focus on each new patient individually and assess their physical, psychological and social state and experiences. Treatment centers help their clients understand the causes of their addiction and how to cope with life without drugs after treatment.


of high-school seniors have tried designer drugs.


emergency room visits each year are caused by designer drugs.


new designer drugs are released every month in the U.S..


poison control calls are made each quarter related to designer drugs.

Signs You May Need Help

Designer drugs have many of the same warning signs as other drugs of abuse. If you miss school, work, family functions or if your relationships are damaged due to your use, you may want to consider designer drug rehab. Since designer drugs mirror the effects of many different categories of drugs, you should be very concerned if you have serious depression, high levels of anxiety, hallucinations, elevated heart rate, convulsions or admission to a hospital. If any of the aforementioned symptoms are present, you should seek treatment right away.

Detox and Designer Drug Dependency

Determining if you need detox for designer drug use is something most treatment centers can help you with. Since there are a wide range of designer drugs and since many people use designer drugs in addition to other drugs, an assessment of your use and history will help determine the best course of action.

Men are over twice as likely to abuse designer drugs as women.


What will Treatment be Like?

Designer drug rehab is an enlightening experience. You’ll learn about addiction, what causes people to become addicted to drugs and alcohol physically and psychologically. Then you’ll learn about what your triggers for use are from a physical, psychological and social level. You’ll then learn how to manage the impulse to use and plan for life after treatment. Along the way, you’ll meet people you may stay in contact with for life.

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