Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about what the treatment process is like? You've come to the right place. Read on below to learn more about inpatient drug and alcohol rehab and the intake process.

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How long does it take to get in to treatment?
Getting in to treatment depends on the treatment center you choose. They may have a wait list or they may have a number of available spots right away.
How Do I Get to Treatment?
Traveling to a treatment facility can be complicated if it is outside of your immediate area. Asking the treatment center you're admitted to about the best ways of getting there is the easiest way possible.
Do I Need Insurance?
You do not need to have medical insurance to get treatment. You have a wide range of other options including financing, payment plans and you can apply for insurance now and get treatment later.
I'm Not Sure I Can Afford it...
Before you decide against treatment for financial reasons, ask your preferred provider about their options. Financing is available through for those who qualify.
What About Detox Services?
Detox is a regular aspect of treatment for many individuals. Depending on your substance of choice and your long-term treatment location, your detox program may be conducted in the long-term treatment center where you'll get the majority of your treatment or it may happen off-site at a health organization that specializes solely in medically supervised detox programs.
What Types of Insurance do Treatment Centers Accept?
Every facility takes different forms of insurance and, in addition, every health insurance policy is different from all others. The treatment center you choose will determine your insurance benefits for you and give you options for treatment after benefits are verified.
What Should I Bring to Treatment?
This is an important question. Every treatment center maintains different policies on what you can and can't bring to treatment. Most all agree you should bring 3-5 changes of clothes, exercise clothing and tennis shoes, basic toiletries and personal effects. If you are on prescription medication, tell the treatment center representative. Universally banned items generally include weapons, drugs, alcohol, pornography or any other potentially harmful or offensive material.
Is There a Blackout Period in Treatment Centers?
In many treatment centers it is common for new clients being admitted to have restricted communication with the outside word for days to a few weeks upon entry. This is designed to decrease the likelihood someone in treatment will be influenced to use and leave treatment without giving their chance at recovery the attention it deserves. All facilities take special circumstances in to consideration.
What is Treatment Like?
Drug and alcohol treatment is different for everyone but there are common elements in most treatment centers. For example, you'll take part in group therapy, individual counseling, exercise and a scheduled day. Your program of treatment may include detox followed by 30, 60 or 90 days of treatment. During the final stages of long-term care, you begin aftercare planning where you'll make decisions about ongoing care and therapy as well as residential and occupational decision making if you need it.
Can I Leave Treatment?
Yes. Treatment for alcohol and drug dependence is not like jail, prison or involuntary psychiatric care. You are free to leave whenever you choose. That being said, you are not free to come and go as you please, generally speaking. Successful treatment programs are structured, there's a daily, consistent schedule and this is designed to mirror the responsibilities of sober life in the outside world.
How Long Will Treatment Take?
The length of your treatment program is entirely up to you. Many treatment centers offer 30, 60 and 90 day programs. There are options for longer term outpatient programs and sober living options after long-term care. Your treatment team at your treatment facility will respond to your needs and if you feel you need to stay longer, they will accommodate your needs.