Marijuana Rehab Program

Marijuana is the most popular illegal recreational drug in America. Learn how to help someone with marijuana dependency, even if it's yourself.

Recovery is a Journey. Take the First Step.

Marijuana is the most widely used substance of abuse next to alcohol. While marijuana may be slowly becoming accepted both recreationally and medically, most health practitioners, psychologists and counselors would agree that it still has the potential for abuse. Our approach to the treatment of marijuana dependency is the same as any other substance of abuse.
Our goal is to understand our patients medically, psychologically and socially so we can help our patients understand addiction, how it pertains to them specifically and how they can respond to the triggers that cause them to use.


Americans have admitted to trying marijuana at least once.


increase in domestic marijuana production over the last 25 years.


emergency room visits each year are due to marijuana usage.


of the world's population uses marijuana regularly.

Signs You May Need Help

The signs that you may need marijuana rehab are very similar for any other drug or substance of abuse. For example, if your use decreases your enjoyment of the things you once found pleasurable in the past you may need help. If you lose touch with or harm relationships with family, friends or associates you may need help. If your use has led you to criminal acts such as driving under the influence or any other illegal activities you may need help. While the times are changing in terms of people’s perspective on marijuana, one thing will always remain the same: if using marijuana negatively effects your life, you should consider help.

Detox and Marijuana Dependency

Detox is not usually required for marijuana dependency, however, many people that are dependent on marijuana may be dependent on alcohol or other drugs. Your Admissions Advisor will perform an intake assessment to determine if you need detox. In most cases, if your only drug of abuse is marijuana, you most likely will not need medically supervised detox.

22.2 million Americans used marijuana in the last month, according to a 2015 survey.


What will Treatment be Like?

While the clinical treatment teams and staff may vary from treatment center to treatment center at Starting Point Recovery, one thing is commonplace in all: your success, health and welfare is our primary concern. You’ll meet a welcoming team and staff members that understand what you’re going through. You’ll learn about the psychological and social triggers that cause you to use drugs and/or alcohol and you’ll learn coping skills to help you stop using. Marijuana rehab is a caring, non-judgmental environment where you learn to heal and live drug free.

Insurance & Financing

Starting Point Recovery accepts most types of health insurance. If you don’t have health insurance, that’s just fine as well. We have a wide variety of options for people that seek treatment. We offer financing, payment plans as well as low cost treatment options. Our goal is to make sure that if someone wants treatment, they get it.

The Simple Admissions Process

Starting Point Recovery makes the admission process simple. We assess your current situation, describe our various facilities, we verify your insurance benefits and even help coordinate travel arrangements for you. The hardest part of the process is admitting you need help and reaching out for it. If you’re ready to take the first step, call an Admissions Advisor at (888) 446-9821. Your Admissions Advisor will take a brief assessment of your current situation, understand your drug of choice and history of abuse and offer you options for treatment thereafter.

If you’re ready to get the help you deserve call Starting Point Recovery today at (888) 446-9821 or simply use the contact form on this page to send us a message.