Methamphetamine Rehab Programs

Methamphetamine is highly addictive and highly dangerous. Learn more about methamphetamine addiction and how to overcome it.

Recovery is a Journey. Take the First Step.

Methamphetamine use is pervasive, the ingredients in the drug are especially toxic and long-term use almost always leads to incarceration, long-term psychological problems or death. The most common approach to methamphetamine rehab is that it is a serious, life threatening health problem. If you or someone you know uses methamphetamine, we encourage you to reach out for help.

Treatment centers strive to understand the patient from all three aspects, communicate what they find drives the patient to use from each aspect of health and teach them to learn coping skills so that when the impulse to use again occurs they can safely overcome their desires. Aftercare planning is an important aspect of recovery and most treatment centers consider it one of their core responsibilities in their service. You’ll learn not only coping skills, but plan on how to live after treatment, what you’ll change about your life and who you’ll get continuing care from in the future.


Americans have used methamphetamine in the past year.


people start using methamphetamine each year.


emergency room visits each year are due to methamphetamine usage.


is spent on methamphetamine every year.

Signs You May Need Help

If your use of methamphetamine harms you physically, socially or emotionally you should consider treatment. If you no longer find enjoyment in things you cherished before using, you most likely need help. If your relationships with family and friends are damaged because of your use you should consider methamphetamine rehab. Finally, if you’ve engaged in criminal acts or if your use has lead you to hospital admission, you should seek help right away.

Detox and Methamphetamine Dependency

Many people who abuse methamphetamine require detox. Medically supervised detox can last 24-72 hours typically and right afterward, you’ll enter the treatment phase of your recovery. Whichever treatment center you choose, they should help you determine if medically supervised detox before treatment is optimal.

4.5% of American high school seniors admit to having tried methamphetamine at least once.


What will Treatment be Like?

Methamphetamine rehab is different for everyone but one thing is consistent across the treatment spectrum: your needs come first. The treatment teams at quality facilities are understanding and caring. Many of them have been through recovery themselves and thus are non-judgmental. You’ll learn about what causes you to use, what you can do to control the impulse to use in the future and learn how to make solid plans for living outside of treatment without the need of drugs or alcohol.

Get Help Now

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