Philadelphia Mayor Creates Opioid Epidemic Task Force

In response to the city’s growing issues with opioid addiction and overdoses, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has created a 16-member task force to fight opioid addiction within the city.

Philadelphia’s overdose numbers continue to climb ever-higher; 840 people have died of overdose in the city this year alone, up from 701 in the year prior. Roughly 80 percent of these deaths are directly attributable to opioid use.

This task force will consist of representatives from many fields, including city government, addiction specialists, law enforcement and individuals in recovery. This comprehensive approach is designed to address the problem from as many relevant perspectives as possible to increase the efficacy of its proposals. The task force will start meeting in January with a goal of proposing a call to action by April.

The city’s behavioral health leadership has already warned the people about shipments of heroin laced with fentanyl, as well as improving access to Narcan across the city.

This action comes in the wake of action taken by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, who signed a package of bills to strengthen the state government’s support for those fighting addiction earlier this month.

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